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Collaborative Efforts to Make Your Organization Run

IPaas Solutions

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Quality Focused Delivery
  • We focus on emerging technology to make life easier

  • Over the last decade of Taleo releases, our consultants have solution Taleo core implementations, optimizations, migrations, and upgrades for global clients across many industries and sectors.

  • Top methodology for Oracle Taleo installations

  • Certified on-shore subject matter experts

  • Continuous referenceable clients

  • Leading innovation for OracleHCM/Taleo custom integrations

  • We facilitate pricing and contracts with our integration partners

Outdoor Business Meeting
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Common Questions and Problems
  • How much do you spend to capture a candidate?

  • Can you give an objective rating for your job descriptions?

  • Not Finding the right candidate?

  • Do you have fraud detection on your applications?

  • Is your hiring objective?

  • Do you have hard to fill positions?

  • Would you pass a compliance audit?

  • What is your application drop off rate?

  • What is your cost of HR shared services?

  • What is your cost of Vacancy and/or Time To Fill?

  • Do you hire hourly/seasonal talent with high turnover?

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AI Chatbot

XOR is the global leader in Human Resource / Talent Acquisition workflow automation. Leveraging the cutting-edge technologies of Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, automation and chatbot, XOR is an enterprise-now SaaS platform that will streamline the most challenging and time-consuming processes in recruiting.


Test your candidates before they meet you

Filtered is the only platform that helps companies find, assess, and hire data science and engineering talent. Finally, you can evaluate candidates at a large scale without wasting your time and money.​


Job Ready. Not Test Ready.

Our competitive, information-based economy requires employees who can think creatively, use evidence to support their solutions to complex problems, and communicate clearly in a variety of contexts. 

To understand if candidates or employees can do the work required, we need to see how they tackle complex, open-ended problems like those they will encounter on the job.

Using sophisticated machine learning and data analytics,  Authess delivers this capability. 

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