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See a few questions that our clients frequently ask

  • Will resumes come over with conversion data?

    • Yes.  However, there are limitations to the number and size of candidate attachments on a candidate profile.


  • Can RedefineHR transfer/convert existing Company database information based on Company requirements?

    • Yes. However, there are limitations on certain fields within Taleo that cannot be updated through integration or UI (i.e. certain date fields on requisitions).


  • Can RedefineHR integrate Taleo with other systems (Telemetry, Risk Assessment, Bristol, Relocation, Medgate, etc. as determined)?

    • Yes, provided the integration is using Oracle Cloud Passport Services and is a supported vendor.  There may be options with Taleo Connect Client (TCC) to support vendors that are not considered an OVI Service.


  • Can RedefineHR design key reports and dashboards that meet our companies requirements?

    • Taleo provides pre-existing reports to help support your business and your requirements.  RedefineHR will provide guidance on any additional reports; however, this can impact the timeline and will require additional fees.


  • Can RedefineHR setup user permissions?

    • Yes, we have a best practice hierarchy approach for most organizations, provided they align with the functionality of the system.


  • Can RedefineHR provide final system testing?

    • Yes, this is part of the implementation phase. Your company and RedefineHR will thoroughly test throughout the implementation process through Conference Room Pilots as well

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