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Robotic Process Automation

Our team is obsessed about creating fluid, functioning autonomy of your HR systems. We see outside the box, and create streamlined processes that your system cannot normally achieve. All we require are open data sets, and access to systems to let creativity come to life. If you have a mundane process and any manual scenarios that your team has dreamed of eliminating, contact us today. See our real world examples below.

Twilio Taleo Recruiting Texting


Advanced Eoffer Texting

Offer Extended/Accepted onboarding automation by texting to the candidate. Average time to response was decreased by 85% for our first case study.


Candidate Compliance

We created automated forms through Zoho once candidate accepted offer. Candidate would load vax forms, validate through (OCR) optimal character recognition, and send responses back to Taleo with results.

Covid 19 Compliance Recruiting

Docusign + Taleo

Docusign and Taleo Signatures

Onboarding Signatures

Automated all of onboarding with stored Taleo attributes. Docusign completion would post to Sharepoint server upon completion


Time Reporting

Evaluate employee time box to current department

Kronos Workforce Management API
TalentQuest API Integration


Assessment Automation

Deliver and Return objective scoring within Taleo. Create department level reporting to review candidate scoring. All Taleo attributes were reportable, allowing C-Level reporting to review internal behavioral qualities by department and division.


Reference Check Texting

Send reference check text information and reminders to candidates using CSW/CSP workflows

Checkster Texting


Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Onboarding Automation

Automated WOTC verification form through WOTC Survey. Posted hooks through onboarding with JSON. Response updated to Taleo, and notified manager with Twilio Text and email.


NY State Form Compliance

Created automated form through Zoho once candidate applied to Union based job. Results would post to Taleo and inform recruitment team of completion via Twilio text and email.

XD10 Compliance
Asana Recruiting


Recruiting Automation

Task automation upon completion of ad hoc tasks in recruiting and onboarding scenarios.

Hiring Manager Reminders

OBI Automation

Automated reminder via text and email to hiring managers to disposition candidates, when candidates have been in x status for more than 7 days and not greater than 30 days


Microsoft SQL Server

Data Centralization

Real time direct data load of candidate applications to SQL server. Upsert record with hiring events/employee records. Unification of PeopleSoft data and Taleo in SQL server.

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