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Titan DB

Titan Integration Cloud Platform

Why Titan?

We have built an integration solution for connecting your ATS with the best third-party vendors so your organization can save time, money, and resources with hiring candidates, retaining employees, and more.

the best technology stack, secure, not restricted to OVI.

Seemlessly Connected

Titan connects your ATS with new efficient technologies seamlessly to make your organizational workflow more efficient. Our platform is plug-and-play allowing you to focus on the important things, while we connect you with the best vendors to provide you with the best candidates, aggregated data to retain your best employees, and much more. Below you can find out more about whom we connect you to and why they are valuable to your organization. 



Titan Integration Cloud Platform: Overview

Efficient and optimized work processes
  • Time saved from using Titan

  • Money saved per candidate

  • Fits into your ATS workflow and easily accessible

Integrations for every use case.
  • Description

  • Authess description

  • Checkr description

  • Outlook 365

  • etc.

Connect with Titan

The power of choice.

Choose which application best suits your organization's needs. With easy connectivity, you will never manually process information again. Only need an application to assess behavioral scores? You can pick and choose what you need and later add more applications.

We're here to help you.

If you have more questions about Titan, we are available to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to reach out and find out if Titan is what your organization needs.

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